>Aftermath of Osama bin Ladens’ Death- 10 Predictions


Today, American heroes of September 11, 2001 gain a small piece of reconciliation. May 2, 2011, nearly a decade after the tragedy of September 11th, Osama bin Laden is dead.  I never thought I’d be happy to hear news of someone’s death, but reflecting on the damage that one-mans’ empire created, I couldn’t be happier to call myself an American.
So, now that bin Laden is deceased, I’m making the following predictions; 
1.  President Obama’s approval rating will surge in the short-term.
Well know Republicans; Dick Cheney, Rush Limbaugh, and Donald Trump praised Obama.  Just like President Bush’s approval rating increased after Saddam-Hussein’s capture, Obama’s is sure to rise.  His heroism may be short-lived, as the 2012 election campaign are right-around the corner.
2.  America will regain popularity and the confidence of a skeptical Middle East and Muslim population.  With the pull-out of US Forces from the Middle East and a deceased ring-leader of terrorism, the anger towards America will slowly disappear.
3.  Mid East nations will have a stronger stance against terrorism.
For years, the Mid-East was afraid to take a stance against terrorism.  Osama bin Laden’s outfit was so strong, that many Muslims were coerced to join terrorist activity out of fear.  The Taliban and al-Qaeda will still exist, but on a smaller scale.
4.  The US Stock-Market will strengthen.
I’m not suggesting pre-2007 levels, but think about the many factors that go into a market rise. (My next two predictions are examples such factors)
5.  US Defense spending will be lowered.
In 2010 Military spending was $685.1B.  $685.1B calculates to 3% of America’s Gross Domestic Product.   Now that Radical Islams’ ring-leader is deceased efforts to control terrorism will be reduced and Military personnel will be reassigned.  It’s only natural that Defense spending will curb.

6. The price of oil will finally lower.
With reduction in defense spending, easing Middle East relations, the cost to secure oil will lower. 
7. US/Pakistan relations will intensify
It’s well-know that Pakistan was never a true Ally to the United States.
Pakistan is now being accused of harboring a terrorist, and falsifying testimony to the US about his where-abouts. (Pay attention to Secretary of State Hilary Clinton, as she leads these relations)
8. Conspiracy theories will pop-up all over the place
Not even 6 hours after President Obama’s announcement, pockets of radical Islam had already started to ask for pictures of bin Laden’s’ body.  
9.  Hollywood studios will make a movie about bin Laden’s death.
Morgan Freeman to play bin Laden.
10.  The Cleveland Curse will be lifted and the Indians will win the 2011 World Series.  
Okay- not really, but wishful thinking.

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