>7 Most Common Uses for Mobile Marketing


Marketing has come a long way.  Think about it.  I’m sure many of you remember direct mail marketing.  Stuffing envelopes, and keeping your fingers crossed that your target audience would respond.  Then we moved to email marketing, through the likes of Constant Contact, Exact Target, Vertical Response.  Call center marketing, digital marketing, and on and on. 
Today, we have a relativity new concept called Mobile Marketing.  Mobile Marketing, also called SMS marketing, is a way to market your product or business through the use of Text messages.  Thinking about SMS marketing, one realizes the efficiency of leveraging the mobile device.  If someone took your phone away from you, how long would you stay sane?  A day, an hour?  Personally, I’d be lost after 30 minutes without my smart phone.  My smart-phone holds my calendar, my professional and personal contacts, tasks and to-do lists, among others.  Before I leave the house every morning, I always make sure I have 2 things; the first being my wallet, the second….you guessed it, my phone. 
So if mobile phones are so important to people, why not market to people on them?  That’s exactly the business model of the masterminds behind SMS Marketing.    Here are the 7 most common uses of successful Mobile Marketing.
1.  Mobile Coupons– Are sales slow between certain hours and you want to drive customers into your business?  Why not offer a coupon for discounted services between your slow hours to drive sales.
2.  Internal Communications– why call people when you can text.  You can rely on text messaging for short and sweet communications.  Let your employees know that your staff meeting has been postponed by sending out a mass message.
3.  Giveaways or Raffles– People love to get stuff for free.  Hold a contest.  Incent your audience to communicate with you.
4.  Promotions- Planning a clearance sale?  Having a happy hour between 4-7pm? Let your loyal audience be the first to know.  Give them the heads up and let them tell their friends.
5.  Reminders- Remind your client of her dentist appointment tomorrow at 2:30, or let your fans know that this is the last week to get their favorite dress for 50% off.
6.  Alerts/Notifications- Severe weather advisory, campus emergency, scheduled maintenance.
7.  External Communications- drive people to your website, Twitter Feed, Facebook page.  Real Estate agents can post links to property listings, etc.
Mobile Marketing is here to stay.  These are only 7 of it’s most popular uses.   As innovation progresses, so will the use of Mobile Marketing.  So, if you’re a business, are you leveraging the power of Mobile Marketing?  Hey, if not, that’s okay.  I’m sure word of mouth promotion works fine.  Or…. maybe you are happy stuffing envelopes.    


One thought on “>7 Most Common Uses for Mobile Marketing

  1. >Mobile marketing is one of the fastest and more effective forms in which individuals can be exposed to many things, and for many people to cost of such a venture easily outweighs the minimal negative aspects that could be skewed to shine a negative light on the idea. It offers convenience, variety and maximum exposure to the companies and individuals that choose to invest in mobile marketing. Thanks a lot.


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