3 factors that prevent the Good 2 Great leap and how to overcome

In personal and professional settings, it’s normal to have ambitions and goals.  However, turning these sought-after ambitions and goals into reality can be challenging.  Many times people and companies alike cannot make the good to great leap because they give up on achieving their ambitions.  After talking with peers, co-workers, and reflecting on my own ambitions, I’ve  realized 3 re-occurring patterns that prevent the G2G leap.

Here they are:

1.  Fear of Rejection.  Seems obvious, doesn’t it?  People like to fit in.  They like to be praised and recognized.  On the opposite end of the spectrum, people don’t like rejection.  People do not to be told no, or get their feelings hurt.   More often than not, people don’t like to challenge status-quo due to their own fear of rejection.

So, how do you overcome FoR?  Simple.  Don’t acknowledge your fear.  When someone says “No,” think of no as positive.  No tells you not to waste your time.  Move on and shuffle your energy elsewhere where you will find a yes.  Look at it this way, fear is from evil.  Don’t acknowledge evil.  Don’t acknowledge fear.

2.  Too much autonomy.  People put way too much pressure on themselves to be everything to everybody.  Put ego aside and acknowledge your limitations.  It’s perfectly okay not to have an answer.  Instead,  delegate your limitations to others.  Ask for help.  Use the talents of others to strength your weaknesses.  People will respect you for knowing your limitations, and asking for help.

3.  Lack of Excitement.  If we’re not excited, we’re not motivated.  If you’re not motivated you cannot do your best work.  If you have to force yourself to get excited about your tasks, obviously you’re doing something wrong.  The cure; if you’re not 100% pumped up about what you’re doing, don’t waste your time.  Simply don’t do it.


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