Supplier to Adviser- 10 ways to WIN clients and RETAIN them

Now more than ever, we live in a competitive society.  There is a plethora of everything.  A consumer and/or business has multiple choices of who do business with, and you as a company have multiple competitors.  Now more than ever, we fight harder and harder to win clients.  Allow me to share with you 10 secrets on how to get and keep clients.

  1.  Keep your prospects/clients educated & informed on their market as well as yours.
  2.  Go out of your way to make sure your client relationships are mutually profitable.  Set expectations up front of what you expect from your client, and ask them what they expect from you.  Walk away if you cannot meet their expectations and vice-versa.
  3.  Be utterly devoted to client satisfaction.  Ask for feedback how the client feels about the quality of your account management.  Implement change if needed.
  4.  Stay ahead of the bell-curve in your clients industry as well as your own.  Become a trusted adviser by being a source of relevant information.  ie; competitive briefs, trends, alternative revenue channels, etc.
  5.  Ensure you understand the challenges/pain points of our clients business.
  6.  Only offer solutions to accelerate our client’s business drivers.
  7.  Do not ever stop asking questions.  Always seek to understand your client’s thought process.   When unclear, ask why.
  8.  Understand the power of less supplier complexity, simplified accounting, and improved buying power.
  9.  Live by the thought if you do not give value, then you shouldn’t don’t engage.
  10.  Do not sugarcoat.  Speak with respect and candor

Simply put, think from their perception.  Ask yourself why do they do business with me?  Why would they chose me vs. my competitor, and what can I do distinguish myself over my competitor.

We live in a cut-throat world.  Share-holder value and company performance are becoming more and more relevant.  If you do not give value, then you have no right to ask for or earn your prospects business.

Re-read these ten tips and ask yourself what can you do TODAY that will turn you from a supplier to an adviser.



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