Dear Blackberry- I’m over you!

Dear Research in Motion,

I’m over you.  I’ve tried to stick up for you when my friends put you down.  I’ve even given you second chances.  But now, I will defend you no longer.  I’m over you.

First, you are the last to innovate.  Stick to the bankers and lawyers.  Don’t build to please the media centric, speed demanding innovators of today and tomorrow.

Second, my Bold had a lifeline of only 14 months. 14 months!  How do you retain customers when your products die shortly after a year?

Third, frequent outages.  This tells me you don’t invest in your network.  How can a company ‘s data network not have failover redundancy?  You should be duplicating your data real-time to servers that sit on the mobile network so if you have an outage, your customers don’t go down because of your lack of network investment.

Furthermore, developers ignore you.  Applications are not being built for your platform, limiting my choice of mobile entertainment.

Lastly, and what really did it for me; the last reboot of my Bold took over 16 minutes.  No, sadly I am not joking.  16 minutes of no email/calls/text/internet.  As we all know, mobile is a part of people lives today.  I look to my smart-phone to help me be productive.  (Hence, the name smart phone)  16 minute reboots are unacceptable.

So longer Blackberry.  Good ridden.


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