Thoughts from an Aspiring Entreprenuer

Entrepreneurship is a fun but challenging road.  The saying is true; high risk can lead to high reward.  Also, risk can lead to failure.  In my opinion, the journey alone is worth the experience.  I’ve come to find out, whether you make it or not, the path to entrepreneurship is a huge reward by itself.

Think of all the people you meet and the relationships you build.  I’ve come to realize that there are many types of people with all different personalities.  Some you’ll relate to more than others, but everyone is special in their own right.  Each new person you meet can give something of value to you.  If you’re willing to put your own thoughts aside and appreciate another viewpoint, you can learn so much from different personality types and different backgrounds.

Entrepreneurship can appease anyone who considers themselves a knowledge junkie.  The huge part of entrepreneurship is having responsibilities for so many aspects of business.  No longer is a sales guy just a sales guy.  He’s also the marketing guru, company strategist, product manager, account director and on and on and on.  Some may cringe at the thought of so many responsibilities.  Others thrive in the face of a challenge and love to engage in the unknown.

But- a word to the wise….entrepreneurship isn’t for everyone.  Study your finances, family life, and people you surround yourself with carefully.  The highs and lows of the journey can be adversarial.



2 thoughts on “Thoughts from an Aspiring Entreprenuer

  1. Solid perspective Sean. For me- I feel I cannot be anything else, or I can’t be happy doing anything else. It could be considered sometimes to be a curse as much as it is an honor. Keep up the blog; I’d love to see active posts from here!


    • Kyle- you’d be doing the world a disservice if you didnt go out there and change it. Salesloft is only your beginning. You’ve got many great things ahead of you, and I’m glad I can call you a friend!


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