Improving Employee Performance Through Sharing Appreciation of Co-Workers

Sean Claire

Sean Claire  Improving Employee Performance through sharing Appreciation of Co-Workers. (Innovative New Form of Employee Engagement)

Hi everyone-

As of last Friday, I am a new member to SHRM Atlanta. I’m crafting this message in to raise awareness of a new method to motivate employees and enhance culture within the workplace. I’d like to introduce, DueProps.

DueProps’s sole mission is to improve employee engagement by sharing appreciation for co-workers. The idea is when a coworker does something kind for you, you recognize them with a “DueProp.” When that coworker is recognized and felt appreciated, they tend to become more engaged and productive. DueProps uses game mechanics to make sharing appreciation of coworkers fun and competitive.

Think about it. When someone recognizes your efforts and shows appreciation towards you, you feel good, don’t you? Imagine if people competed against one-another for appreciation points. Tie those points into bonuses and/or rewards programs.
The concept is all about implying intrinsic motivation to better workplace morale. DueProps is in start-up mode and would like to offer all SHRM members a free trial account. Test it out and see how it makes a difference in your workplace. Your feedback will be invaluable to us!
Here’s a link to a video that explains the concept of DueProps.
Anyone interested in a trial account can message me with the title: SHRM Atlanta. 

Employees like DueProps bc it makes the work-place fun and mitigates the actual feeling of “work.” HR likes DueProps bc employee morale becomes heightened. Management likes DueProps bc its used to influence behavior and drive results.

Sean Claire



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