Is the US Congress made up of children?

This is a rant about how disgusted I am with US Congressional leaders.  

Did you know that our elected officials take their holiday break on December 18?  That’s right, they dip out for vacation on Dec 18 and they don’t return until the 3rd week in January.  That’s nearly a month of vacation.  What?  Yes, America’s economy is tinkering on the “fiscal cliff,” and these jokers get to take a 30 day break.

Get this- when a deal is reached in the House, lawmakers have 3 days to review it.  That means a deal signed in the House to avert the fiscal cliff has to be reached by Dec 15 and put into law on the 18th to avoid a tax hike of 5% on all tax brackets. Well, ladies and gentlemen, Dec 15 is in 2 days!

I’m not overly concerned about spending measures being revoked, I’m more concerned about my personal well-being. It’s estimated that the cliff will raise taxes on the middle class by $2200.  I’m not in the 2%- and I don’t predict I will be joining them anytime soon. $2200 is money that us “middle-classers” can put to good use. Note to Congress- get a deal done! 

Here’s another thing that will get you riled up.  In 2008, the median income in the US was $45,113.  Do you have any clue what the salary of our elected Federal officials was in 2008?  $169,300.  Yes- that’s right.  $169,300.  Let that sit in for a minute?  That’s almost 4x the amount of the average American.  These guys represent us, but yet they make 4X more money than we do?  How do they relate to us?  There’s a huge indifference in income.  John Boehner- you’re from my home state, but you can not relate to me.

The fact that Congress is not acting bipartisan and in the best interest of their constituents gets me annoyed.  Understanding the pay gap between them and constituents gets me outright mad. I read somewhere about an appeal for a 25% universal tax only on consumption.  Get rid of personal taxes, state taxes, fed taxes, only get taxed at what you consume…at a rate of 25%.  In that same article was a point that there are 125,000 lawmakers that influence fiscal policy.  The author compares this amount of lawmakers to America’s population of 312.8M people.  There are 125,000 people setting policy for 312,800,000 other people.  Reading between the lines- Congress is looking out for their best interests vs the best interests of the American people.  

Child’s play with a great salary, health benefits, and pension.


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