Culture of Corporate America

Do you wake up and want to go to work everyday?

If you were in Silicon Valley or Silicon Alley, I bet you do!

I spent the week in San Francisco last week.  My best friends girlfriend works for Google.  The 3 of us meet Monday evening for the NCAA Championship Game (Michigan/Louisville).  While there, some of other Googlers joined us.  Now, for me, living in Atlanta and being in technology, Silicon Valley and the companies that make up SV are held on a pedestal.  SV is a role model for all emerging tech markets.  During the game I was able to talk to the Googlers. I asked if the culture was all it is hyped up to be.  Answers were all ubiquitous yeses.  

The reason I chose to write about this topic is because I’m fascinated by “difference.”  Having free catered meals is “different.”  Having a shuttle bus to pick you up in Mission District of San Francisco and shuttle you to Mountain View everyday is “different.” What we’re not used to on a daily basis (we as individuals) is “different.”

Now, I’ve done business on both coasts- East & West.  Doing business on both coasts while living in Atlanta makes me wonder how the difference of culture can impact a person’s life and company success.  This morning while driving into the office, I was listening to NPR.  The program was interviewing Google’s CIO, whom came to Google from Morgan Stanley.  He made a comment of how different the culture between Wall Street and Silicon Valley.

So, what type of culture do you work in?  If you’re a business leader, what type of culture do you create.  Tell you this, the Googler’s I referenced earlier average 11 hour work days.  But they absolutely love their work and don’t view 11 hours as work hours.  This leads me to believe that company culture has a lot to do with company results.  Just look at Googles innovation…..and stock performance.


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