A snippet of Career Advice from Only the Paranoid Survive by Andrew Grove

So a friend of mine knows that I’m a big reader and he tells me to pick up the book: “Only the Paranoid Survive.”  It’s a business book written in 1996.  At first I’m hesitant because it’s 17 years old.  We all know business changes daily- so why or how can a book written 17 years ago be valuable today?  Well, I’ve only read the preface and I’m glad I got it.  It’s common sense has already paid me back the $4.96 I spent for it on Amazon.

Here’s a snippet I think is invaluable: 

“The sad news is, nobody owes you a career.  Your career is literally your business.  You own it as a sole proprietor.  You have one employee: yourself.  You are in competition with millions of  similar businesses: millions of other employees all over the world.  You need to accept ownership of your career, your skills and the timing of your moves.  It is your responsibility to protect this personal business of yours from harm and to position it to benefit from changes in your environment.  Nobody else can do that for you.”

Wow!  Wake-up check!


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