What ever happened to doing right by your customers?

I’m fired up with these big corporations, mostly publicly traded that serve investor demand over their employees and communities.  I’ve over Proctor and Gamble charging me $15 for a 4-pack of razor blades.  I’m over Chase bank siphoning money from me by not protecting me from over-draft charges.  I’m over DirectTV charging me 10.99 for an extra receiver.  I’m over Verizon not allowing me to change my phone until my contract comes up for renewal- and then locking me into another 2 year contract when I do upgrade my device.  I’m WAY over Ticketmaster charging an $8.99 fee per ticket and then $3.99 delivery fee.  I’m over these so “bespoke” tailors that charge $110 for a custom-made shirt that is made in the Philippines for $4.  The thread count is minimal and it wrinkles. I’m sick of automated customer service attempts and long wait times.  Why do you think I picked up the phone in the first place- I want to talk to human being that speaks English and isn’t located in Thailand. I’m over car companies charging for excessive wear & tear when turning in your lease.  I’ve paid you enough over 36 months- but you stick it to me with an extra couple of fees- not to mention the “turn in fee” of $350- what’s that about!   $9.99 to execute an online trade- come-on eTrade, the talking baby isnt that cute.  Oh, and don’t even get me started on the government.  Bunch of children on Capital Hill that make way more money than I do, work less than I, have better perks than I.

The real reason businesses thrive is when they do good-by their consumers.  When they bring value to their customers.  When they better their community.  When they act out of intrinsic motivation vs shareholder motivation.   I just bought a subscription to Dollar Shave Club  http://www.dollarshaveclub.com/ and am pondering how much work I would have to do to move my checking/saving to Ally Bank.  Most likely, I’ll move to TMobile when my VZ contract expires, buy an AppleTV, ditch DirectTV, remain a thrift shop advocate, never-ever lease a car again, continue to NOT buy anything from Ticketmaster, and support small-business entrepreneurs that create good products and create jobs.

Rant over.

Check out the bad-boys of shaving here: http://www.dollarshaveclub.com/


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