Sugar is my nemesis- and yours too!

We all know sugar is bad.  We all know sugar causes weight gain.  Chances are, we’ve all experienced a sugar high and sugar crash.  But, do you have any idea how sugar affects brain health?  I didn’t either until I read “Grain Brain.” GB is a best-seller authored by Dr. Perlmutter.  Perlmutter is an MD, and he is disrupting healthcare through his research and bold claims.  Within GB, Perlmutter makes 4 bold statements.  1: Sugar leads to Alzheimer’s Disease.  2: Alzheimer’s is the 3rd form of diabetes.  3: Alzheimer’s is preventable.  4.  Type 2 Diabetes is preventable.

I love this guy.  I love this guy because he is pissing off all his colleagues in the medical industry and he doesn’t care.  Perlmutter is making enemies with big Pharma, and the man does not care.  He’s not afraid of backing his research.  In a way, he is disrupting the US Healthcare system.   He’s also altering consumers perspectives of Big Pharma– who, in my opinion is an evil empire.  Think about the sh*tpot of money that is spent on big-pharma Alzheimer’s and Type 2 Diabetes treatment.  What happens if big-Pharma loses .05% in reduction in sales attributed to Perlmutter.

Back to my title Sugar is my nemesis.  I have 2 examples.  But first a disclaimer;  Alzheimer’s runs in my family.  Both of my Grandfathers suffered from Alzheimer’s Disease.  Regarding sugar it leads to anxiety.  Example 1- I’m at my son’s baptism party.  I ate a bunch of cake(sugar) and started feeling really anxious.  I had to leave the room and walk outside for a few minutes.  Example 2.  I came home late from work and skipped dinner.  Instead I ate a bunch of chocolate left over from my wife making chocolate covered pretzels for a Christmas Party.   The next morning, I woke up in bad mood and couldn’t function.  And, I had a “semi” freak-out because of “brain fog.”   After reading Grain Brain, I’ve cut my sugar, almost completely.  I sleep better and have higher energy levels.  When I consumer sugar, I pay attention to the way I feel.  Those 2 examples are personal, but noticeable.

Check out GrainBrain!  Also, cut out your sugar and live a better life.


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