7 Resolutions of Champions

Aw, yes.  2014 is upon us.  A new year, a new opportunity, a new start.  Notice the date of this writing is January 6.  6 full day’s after the 1rst.  I wanted to give myself time to let the new years nostalgia ware off before writing.  I’ve taken the holidays to catch up reading and reflection.  Upon reflection, I’ve come up with 7 Resolutions that champions should make this year.  Here they are: 

1.  Love more.  Give love and get love.  Be happy when you see your neighbor.  Be happy when your boss asks you to get something done.  Find love in everything- notice how you’ll become more optimistic about your daily tasks.

2.  Reduce debt.  Debt is dumb.  Why be a slave to debt? Lower it and start living again.

3.  Be thrifty.  $90 for a pair of Jeans?  Are you kidding?  Hit up the Salvation Army or St Vincent de Paul.  Lower your electric bill.  Cut back your TV bill by watching less and moving to a lower package.  Call your credit card and demand a lower APR.

4.  Smile at Adversity.  Adversity is a part of life.  You’re going to have some.  But- will it master you, or will you master it?  Smile when faced with a problem.  Smiling elevates your mood.   Now, that problem doesn’t seem so bad, does it?

5. Get on a schedule.  Leave work daily at 530  Put down the computer at 8.  Stop watching tv at 9. Read 30 minutes before bed.  Lights out at 1030.   Go to 7AM Mass before heading into the office.  Whatever- just find a schedule and get on a routine.  Routine= sanity.

6. Wisely use Windows of Opportunity.  You normally get up at 6, but the kids get up at 7.  Use that window to catch up on the Wall St Journal, walk the dog, respond to email.  When those WoO’s arise, seize them.  Don’t waste them by watching TV, or mindlessly surfing the internet.  Rather capitalize on the them, by acting with intention.

7.  Learn how to cook.  It’s therapeutic.  And people will like you because you feed them.

Happy 2014 everyone- gonna be blast!



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