The Thank You Economy

There’s a book out there entitled the “Thank You Economy.”  I haven’t read it because I think it speaks for itself.  But, last Friday I was in Cincinnati at a Marketing Conference.  The speaker was the lead strategist for a worldwide agency.  He spoke for close to an hour about “being authentic” in brand communications.  He gave tons of best practices and tips for marketers to better serve their audience. One point that stuck with me was his emphasis on gratitude.

A point he made was that not enough businesses say thank you to their clients.  He suggested to be more appreciative to the people you work with, work for, and the clients you serve.  Amazingly, he said with gratitude comes purpose.  If you think about that, its totally true.  Be thankful.  Find purpose.  Magical things happen when you become grateful- the efforts of others really stick out to you as going above and beyond.  Small things turn into big things.  As far as purpose, I find I’m more willing to “pay it forward,” when I see the good in the deeds of others.




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