Running for the FUN of it!

Most people despise running.  I guess I’m not most people.  The biggest reason why running attracts me is because I own it!  I control 100% of the process- the pace, tempo, cognition, ….everything.  I’ve got the Cleveland marathon coming up in 63 days.  This morning I ran a 12.4m training run.  It was solid- stopped at m4 for water and mile 6 for a stretch.  Gobbled a larabar while running at m7 and cruised the final 5.  How about sense of accomplishment and mental focus, huh?  I did close to a half marathon this morning.  Feels great to say it.  My energy is up and I’m overtly positive in my demeanor.  5K recovery run scheduled for tomorrow.  A day off, a yoga class, and then a 10K early morning jog!  #altrazerodrop


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