The SINGLE best thing a sales rep can do to WIN

Sales reps have a lot of pressure.  Pressure to get meetings, pressure to put on stellar customer preso’s, pressure to attain their revenue goals, pressure to be consistent.  What separates good reps from bad?  Many time reps get lucky- the inbound channel passes them a lucrative lead, or a partner sends them a lead that has a > 70% closing chance.  But the reps that get out there and hustle- the reps with the “ownership” mentality- these reps possess ONE single trait that others don’t.  You ready for this one?

They work on behalf of the customer.

That’s it- working on behalf of the customer.  Simple right?  Maybe/maybe not depending on the rep.  Let me explain…

When you work on behalf of the customer, you do what is right for them, according to their timelines and processes.  When you work on behalf of the customer, you work according to their agenda…not your own.  Good reps don’t have to put pressure on customers to buy. They simply understand why a customer desires to buy and gives them a path to buy.  If a customer doesn’t have a proven/repeatable procurement process, the good rep helps them create one.  If the customer doesn’t have a critical matter in which they must buy, the good rep explores the pros/cons of a purchase and empowers the customer to move forward on their terms.  If it’s not right for the customer- the good rep walks away with his head high, knowing he probably just earned the trust of the customer and separated himself from the pack of other reps having the same conversations.

Also, good reps have “intrinsic” pleasure of knowing they’re helping a customer.  It makes the rep happy to have a business conversation with the customer and help them relate how a solution can help remove challenges or accelerate goals.  Working on behalf of the customer spurs this “intrinsic” feeling.

And lastly, good reps demonstrate how the return of the customer spend outweighs the total cost of solution ownership.  Good reps empower.  Good reps work on behalf of their customer.

Thanks for reading!


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