From mentor to mentee- 10 tips to be successful in the sales game.

Just had the pleasure of mentoring a 23-year-old newly appointed sales rep.  1 year post college, all the energy and hustle in the world, full of charm and charisma.   He asked for my advice on how to be successful in sales.  Here’s what I told em:

1.  Make sure you know about the person you’re meeting and their business.   What they do, how their performance is measured, and how you can help them.  Look for commonalities.
2.  Know what you want to get out of your meeting before you meet.  ie- the goal of this meeting is to have another meeting.
3.  Give more than you get and don’t ask for anything in return.  Essentially, “earn the right” to be in the room.
4.  Find a way to be more intrinsically motivated than extrinsically motivated
5.  Unofficially, seek out mentors both personal mentors and professional mentors.
6.  Don’t try to persuade people who don’t want to be persuaded that’s called manipulation.
7.  Ask hard questions up front- ie- why are you purchasing? What are your expectations?  What’s your procurement process look like?  Are funds readily available for this purchase?  How do you find Return on Investment?
8.  Be a good story teller.  Make people laugh.
9.  Be vulnerable- it helps grow trust.
10.  Be passionate about what you sell.  If you’re not, find a fast exit.
Upon reflection, this appears to be all common sense.  Hmmm… I’m wondering if I served this kid any good?  I guess we’ll wait and see.  Good luck buddy- you know who you are.  The world is your oyster!

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