Want to make an impact in your work environment? Read these publications

A couple marquee books that I’ve enjoyed over the years: 
Taking People with you, by David Novak- CEO Yum Brands  Discusses Novak’s feelings about team and mission building.  Excellent read to gather ideas for team/mission unity.
Power Questions  Keep this book on your desk and reference it frequently.  Want to know how to crack through the surface and show people you really care?  Here’s your book.
What great sales people do  A great book that goes against popular belief that sales reps have to be hardasses.  Also lays the groundwork for “how” to tell a story and motivate others to take action.  Backed up with data and statistics, this book is excellent.
Built to Last Yeah I know, it’s an oldie but a goodie!  Principals were applicable in the past and will remain true indefinitely.  
Hackers & Painters  Written by Paul Graham.  Talks about the future of our world and how technology impacts our society.  I just started it, but am really enjoying its content thus far.